You Won’t Want to Miss These Iconic Truck Stops in America

For more than 60 years, truck stops have lined America’s Interstate System, providing weary trucker drivers with a place of respite. These stops are as varied in size as they are amenities. Today, truck stops offer showers, restaurants, shops, arcade centers, theaters, amusement rides, hotel rooms, and so much more. You can even find some that offer high-quality, accurate truck scales, ensuring a smooth ride. When out on the road, you won’t want to miss the following six iconic truck stops in America.

#1. The Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Billed “the world’s largest truck stop,” the Iowa 80 (exit 284 in Walcott, IA), provides pretty much anything a road tripper might need. From gas and food, a laundromat and a barber shop, this is the place to stop if you find yourself traveling the I-80 in Iowa. This 100,000 square foot stop even includes a movie theater and health facilities! It’s almost like a small town within a city.

#2. Little America in Flagstaff, AZ

Set in Northern Arizona’s Ponderosa Pine forests, Little America (exit 198 off of I-40) is a haven from the mundane, inviting both road trippers and truckers a place to stop and stretch their legs. Home to the North Pole Experience, Little America is a 500-acre hotel complete with a golf course, swimming pool, fitness center, and business center in the heart of Flagstaff, AZ.

There’s also a travel center on the property with a gas station, and convenience store, which is open 24/7 – and, let’s not forget the Little America Grill, which serves everything from rotisserie chicken, breakfast foods, and their famous 75 cent ice cream cones. You also won’t want to miss the Little America’s annual holiday lights display beginning on Thursday, November 17, 2016.

#3. Bear Lake Rest Area and Overlook

If you’re looking for a rest area with breathtaking, panoramic views of Bear Lake and its surrounding mountains, this is it. Located off of Route 89 in Bear Lake, Utah, its views are so breathtakingly beautiful that the Travel Channel even named it the best rest stop view in America! When you want to get out and stretch your legs, this stop even features a quick hiking trail, which you can venture down.

#4. South of the Border

Located off of the I-95 in Dillon, South Carolina, South of the Border offers facilities to meet your every need. Here, you can find six different restaurants, ranging from casual dining to a steakhouse. It is also home to several attractions including the largest reptile exhibit in the U.S. and Pedroland – an amusement park complete with a Ferris wheel, carousel, bumper cars, mini golf, and an arcade. In addition, the Border offers weary travelers a place to rest for the night.

#5. Jubitz Travel Center

This stop, which has been named the “World’s Classiest Truck Stop,” can be found off of the I-5 at exit 307 in Portland, Oregon. Amenities include 35 electrified Shorepower no-idle parking areas, designed to help you conserve fuel while parked, a cinema, arcade room, laundromat, health facilities, and more. Let’s not forget the Jubitz Cascade Grill, which has been featured in numerous articles with rave reviews.

#6. Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop

Renowned for its homemade cinnamon rolls – sweet, delicious, and as big as your plate, Johnson’s Corner (exit 254 off of I-25 in Colorado) opened its doors to traveler’s in 1952. Open 24/7, 365 days a year, Johnson’s Corner provides so much more than just good food. They provide truckers with all the amenities of home including a place to rest for the night and health facilities.