Weight and Balance Studies

Weight and Balance Studies

Knowing wheel weights, axle weights, total vehicle weights, and wheel loads under various conditions is critical to product development, operational safety and using moving equipment efficiently. We are uniquely positioned to offer weight studies at mines as well as weight and balance studies for rail vehicle and automotive and trucking manufacturers.


Mining – Hauling and loading operators conduct weight studies to calibrate on board haul truck scales as well as shovel and drag lines. Tracking and identifying loading consistency of haul trucks helps mining operations optimize loading to improve efficiency and minimize haul truck component wear. This saves costs on suspension parts, tires and braking equipment. Download our white paper to learn more.


Automotive, Trucking and Recreational Vehicles – Calculating the weight and balance of vehicles during prototype, production, and final inspection stages is key to assuring safe and reliable vehicle performance.


Rail – We offer weighing services to capture values for engineering and quality inspection purposes, measure wheel and axle loads with a bogies press, wheel weight and balance for truck shimming, and to meet customer specifications.


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