Waste Management Scales

The waste management industry operates 24/7 because waste is produced every second of every day. Waste management scales must be durable and be able to withstand a lot of abuse because waste operations function in harsh environments. They must also be reliable because the entire industry is dependent on accurate weights.

Southwestern Scale offers private and public waste operations a variety of solutions for weighing waste such as truck scales for landfills, transfer station tunnel scales and inbound and outbound scales. In addition, we offer on board scale system calibration, as a value added service for haulers to assure that trucks are operating within safe and legal load limits.

Waste operations use scales as the basis for commercial transactions and material management. Inbound and outbound truck scales that identify net weight values deposited and tunnel scales that optimize truck loads before they are sent to the landfill, play a part in the waste management ecosystem. Southwestern Scale not only provides these solutions, but we also service, calibrate and certify scales used in waste operations. 

Waste Management Scales

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