Freight Scales & SOLAS Scales

The transportation and logistics industry is responsible for moving $250 billion in products and materials nationwide and globally on roadways, sea and air each year. In Arizona, 84.7% of communities statewide rely on trucks for shipping and delivering goods and materials.

Southwestern Scale provides the highest quality, most accurate and reliable freight scales on the market because we understand that total truck weight, net payload and axle weights are critical metrics for the transportation and logistics industry.

Examples of freight and SOLAS scales and where they are used in the transportation and logistics industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Forklift scales for accumulated weight loading of a truck or railcar
  • Crane scales for accumulated weight loading of gondolas, flatbed trailers, and open top ocean containers
  • Axle scales to check and avoid overloaded truck axles
  • Truck scales for gross, tare, net weight of truck and payload
  • Floor scales for weight values of bundled or palletized material

Whether you need scales to weigh freight or axle, and forklift scales, you can count on us. You should also contact us if you need scale installation, repair or calibration services.

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