Today is National Tradesmen Day!

Honoring the Southwestern Scale Team on National Tradesmen Day!

Today is National Tradesmen Day! At Southwestern Scale we want to honor all of the hard working & dedicated men & women that keep us running strong.  We honor our own team of tradesmen & send a shout out to all of you too! It’s your hands & hard work that have built American and keep it running strong.  Today, we are proud to honor YOU!

“National Tradesmen Day, initiated by IRWIN Tools, aims to heighten awareness of the role national tradesman day logoof professional tradesmen, who are the central focus on this occasion. Tradesmen contribute so meaningfully to our lives in so many ways. From building our homes, schools, and churches; to keeping our cars running; to keeping our lights on and keeping us warm; to fixing our leaky pipes – America’s professional tradesmen are the backbone of our nation. For some people, it’s just a job – a means to an end. But for professional tradesmen, it’s often a calling. And, it’s not just about doing their work – it’s about doing their life’s work. To show respect to the role that professional tradesmen play in the world, National Tradesmen Day places great value on the contributions they make to society each and every day.” 

Resource Article: National Day Calendar

“The ‘National Tradesmen Day’ emblem is a distinct graphical icon that spotlights the ‘real’ working hands. The logo-mark shows an uplifted hand—an image of strength and confidence—clenching a pair of VISE-GRIP® locking pliers, a long-standing universal symbol of work and productivity. This image conveys power and is a ‘quick-read’ for the role of tradesmen in our lives.” (Wikipedia) national tradesmen day infographic

To meet one of our very own Professional Tradesmen contact Southwestern Scale today!  We specialize in heavy capacity & industrial scales in Arizona, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico & Texas. Whether you are in the market for a truck scale, pallet scale, floor scale, livestock scale, analytical balance, bench scale, counting scale or anything in between, we offer solutions that will be perfect for you. We also offer rentals at an affordable rate & construction services to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of your new scale. For more info – Visit our Website, Send an Email or call us at 602.243.3951.

Thank you Irwin Tools for initiating the National Tradesmen Day.