Tank Scales


  • Single platform for legal for trade purposes
  • Wide range of weight capacities
  • Mild steel or stainless steel modules for tanks
  • Compression weigh modules for tanks
  • Tension weigh modules for silos and hoppers

Industry Applications

  • Storage and inventory control
  • Filling
  • Batch Plants
  • Negative filling


  • Legal for trade options are available
  • Compression solutions for standing tanks and silos
  • Tension solutions for hanging vessels and hoppers
  • Various material options based upon the application
  • Hazardous environment and intrinsically safe options
Legal for trade options are available

More About Tank Scales

Virtually any tank, hopper or silo can be converted into a scale. So, many industrial operations use tank scales in batch plants and other processing environments to store and process powders, liquids and gases. When equipped with weighing instrumentation, both can be used as functional and controllable components to your operation.

Weight based instrumentation is superior to other methods of measurement such as level sensors and flow meters, because it is not affected by:

  • Tank design or type
  • How material is dispersed within the vessel
  • Temperature of the retained material
  • Erroneous readings from foam that is formed by liquids
  • Erroneous readings from dust that is formed by powdery solids
  • Erroneous readings caused by oscillation waves in liquids

Calibrating weighing systems is also an easier, simpler process compared to other products and technologies.

Southwestern Scale offers a broad range of solutions, weighing capacities, readability options and protection that range from a few kilograms to thousands of pounds. The instrumentation that accompanies these industrial-grade scales is imperative so your business has a comprehensive package that controls all of your weighing requirements effectively.


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