Steel Deck or Concrete Truck Scales

What is the difference between a steel deck or concrete deck on truck scales? This is a question we receive at Southwestern Scale Company quite often by new users. Below we have compared the basic differences of each.

Steel Deck
Steel Deck Truck Scales are built with more structural steel, an innovative design, a superior support structure that can provide longer scale life, less downtime and consistent accuracy. Some of the advantages of a steel deck truck scale are:

  • Most common in today’s marketplace.
  • 75-85% of new truck scales have a steel deck
  • Has a checkered deckplate over the top of the truck scale to support beams of the truck scale
  • Easy and Ready to Use once in place
  • Can move when needed very easily
  • Have better re-sale value than a concrete deck scale
  • Higher in demand

Concrete Deck Truck Scale
The concrete deck truck scale is common and similar to that of a steel deck truck scale, but each scale module has an open top for concrete to be poured into each deck, bonding the support beams of each module. Some of the advantages of a concrete deck truck scale are:

  • Once Poured, it is heavier than a steel deck truck scale module
  • The heavier the scale is, the more mass the scale has and is absorbed easier when truck is moving
  • Can last longer than a steel deck truck scale, due to it being heavier
  • Low tension or cracking possibilities

If you have any more questions regarding the difference between Steel Deck or Concrete Deck Truck Scales, Southwestern Scale Company is here to answer your questions! Contact us anytime!