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Field Service is the most important department of any Scale company. The SWSCALE Field Service team is the largest, and most equipped Scale service group around.

Factory trained, leveraging over 150,000 pounds in certified test weight, mobilized by the largest rolling fleet in the area, our Scale Service Technicians get the job done right and on time. Our Technicians are trained in all makes and models. Whether it’s for commercial transactions, process control, quality control, inventory control or any other number of weight based purposes, your weighing equipment needs to be accurate, precise and repeatable.

OUR Industrial scale services include:

Preventive Maintenance

Inspection of your entire Scale system for any issues that could adversely impact your scale performance, followed by repairs as needed. Final calibration and certification are executed and documented for your records at the end of the service.

Scale Calibration

Using certified weight in accordance with NIST Handbook 44 requirements to make any adjustments made to your Scale, which are documented on a Calibration Certificate for your records.

Diagnosis and Repair

Upon arrival, a Scale technician will diagnose the system to pinpoint the root cause of failure. After reviewing the root cause with you, repairs will be made and followed up with calibration and certification if required.


Reviewing all Legal-for-Trade requirements, calibrating the system, and sealing your Scale.


Installation of a Scale is just as important as the Scale itself to its performance and accuracy.

Load Testing

We mobilize certified weights for load testing of equipment for service providers that certify cranes and elevators.

Weighing Services and Weight Studies

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