Scale Programming and Scale Control Solutions


  • Application specific weighing
  • Standardization of weighing processes
  • Customization
  • Enabling efficiency and cost saving

Industry Applications

  • Inbound weighing
  • Outbound weighing
  • In process weighing
  • Recipe batching
  • Unattended kiosks


  • Truck in and out
  • Axle weighing
  • Traffic light control
  • Message boards
  • Icon based processes
  • Recipe batching
  • Setpoint filling
  • Custom weighment transactions
  • Custom weighing applications
  • RFID tag readers
  • User defined permissions
  • Label printing
  • Compliance labeling

More About Scale Control Solutions

For years scale users have had to tailor their operations and procedures to accommodate their weighing processes. This often required extra steps, creating additional paperwork to track materials, managing multiple copies of scale tickets and manually entering all this information so they could invoice customers.

Scale programming and programmable scale indicators have helped resolve these problems by making it possible to execute weighing processes in a specific and consistent sequence.

Technology continues to advance, and scale control solutions now enable users to create application specific weighing sequences that are repeatable and provide a means for process stability and transaction data that was previously cumbersome to capture and manage.

Our systems and integration team works with you to define an operations sequence for your application and brings it to life. 

Watch this video to see an example of a truck in truck out scale control solution.


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