Commercial Weight Scale Sales

Commercial Weight Scale Sales

Being your value added commercial weight scale provider and knowing that our solutions are key to your success is our goal.

Scales and commercial weighing systems are used for a multitude of purposes including verifying the value of goods for sale, assuring product quality, process efficiency and control, safety and inventory management. So, our sales experts start by meeting with you to evaluate your current situation and discuss your goals and objectives so they can offer solutions that meet your needs and requirements.

Southwestern Scale is proud to offer a wide range of high-quality products including commercial weighing scales, software components and peripherals for any weight based application. The breadth of our products and capabilities assures that we deliver solutions that perfectly suit your specific objectives and budget requirements.

We can guarantee quality and satisfaction with confidence because of our workmanship, experience and knowledge. This is a core value of our organization and represents our commitment to make high quality, heavy capacity equipment and partner with suppliers that offer the highest quality products. It is through quality that we deliver the shortest return on investment and the lowest cost of ownership.

We have provided weighing systems and solutions to companies nationwide since our inception in 1948 and are proud to have a played an integral part in the economic development of the Southwest U.S. This is one of the biggest reasons why we are able to understand customers’ needs and provide expert advice and guidance.

Some Helpful Hints for Scale Buyers

Some Helpful Hints for Scale Buyers

For a scale to be “certified,” or legal for trade, it must have an NTEP Certificate of Conformance number marked on the scale’s serial plate. 


Some Helpful Hints for Scale Buyers

Split weighing is the weighing of each axle, one at a time, and adding the axle weights together for the total vehicle weight.  Split weighing is not a legal for trade method of weighing. Buying an axle scale in lieu of a full length truck scale does not yield a legal for trade truck scale.

Some Helpful Hints for Scale Buyers

If you are buying a scale from an online scale retailer:

  • That scale must be calibrated and certified by a licensed scale service provider and registered with the state’s weights and measures department before it can be used for commercial trade.
  • Verify calibration with a known weight, or call a licensed scale service provider with certified weights for calibration before placing the scale into service in your operation.


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