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Knowing the operation condition of your weighing equipment, being able to predict when service is needed, and being altered when your Scale is in need of service assist in maintaining the highest levels of uptime for your equipment. The SWSCALE Software Suite offers Scale users the ability to monitor the condition of a Scale’s load cells and overall system health performance in real-time.

SWSCALE offers two tiers of Scale Health Monitoring solutions, known as the Scale Health Monitor Application (SHMA) and Scale Health Monitor Application+ (SHMA+).



The Scale Health Monitoring Application (SHMA) allows Scale owners and users to access and see Scale health, connectivity, and performance on demand, in real-time. If your Scale is acting irregularly, you can access SHMA details to review Scale diagnostics. You can also share these diagnostic findings with your SWSCALE service provider when reaching out to us for servicing or repair, streamlining the process of having your Scale’s condition reviewed.

SHMA requires that your Scale be equipped with an RL1280 indicator, and iQube2 junction boxes to enable this feature.


The Scale Health Monitoring Application+ (SHMA+) monitors and tracks load cell performance, connectivity, and performance throughout your Scale. Receive *notifications when load cell failures occur or certain Scale thresholds have been met/exceeded. The SHMA+ continuously captures and retains a complete performance and event history, enabling predictive failure analysis and allowing for enhanced preventive maintenance measures, minimizing Scale downtime.

SHMA+ requires that your Scale be equipped with an RL1280 indicator, iQube2 junction boxes, and a SWSCALE Tier 1 adapter to enable this feature.

*A Windows-based computer with internet access is required to enable full-feature capabilities with email and/or text notifications.


Individual load cell performance

Individual load cell health

Immediate alerts

Predictive maintenance

Enables root cause analysis


Mission critical weigh equipment

Scales for commercial transactions

Batching and filling equipment


Email and/or text alerts

Scale health data logging

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