Weight and balance specifications for passenger trains are required for safety and cost of ownership purposes. Passenger railcars and locomotives that are not properly balanced do not meet customer specifications and can lead to safety concerns as well as cause premature component wear. Specifications imposed on rail vehicle manufacturing operations require accurate, precise and reliable engineering instrumentation to provide wheel loads, axle and bogie loads, as well as overall vehicle weight. Rail Scales such as our rail workshop scale solutions can be used in process, at final assembly, and inside a bogie or truck press.

Trakmate is a load cell-based solution that is mounted in line with the existing track. Since it is installed inside rail workshop operations, the Trakmate is a configurable design that can accommodate a wide variety of locomotive and passenger car configurations. Trakmate is also a proven wheel load scale system for bogie press stands and or truck press stands.

The Mobile Train Weigher (MTW) is a portable, load cell-based scale system that is used in variations locations, both indoors and outdoors, throughout rail workshops.


Accurate and reliable load cell based systems

Full feature graphical user interface

Data collection by job number and vehicle number

Instant data printout

Engineering instrument level scale systems

Wheel, axle, and total vehicle weighing










Wheel load analysis

Bogie/truck shimming

Wheel balance analysis

Locomotive weighing

Passenger railcar weighing

Bogie/truck press wheel loads

Meet engineering specifications


Portable or permanent installation options

Accommodate multiple wheel and axle positions

Single axle through multi axle models





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