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SWSCALE offers Laboratory Scales and analytical balances for the most precise weighing applications. Scientific balances are one of the most important pieces of equipment in a laboratory to determine the weight or mass of a sample. The more precision the Scale offers the smaller the unit of measurement resolution, each varying by additional decimal points.

Our Laboratory Scales and analytical balance product offerings take into account performance and precision, ease of use, and reliability. To assure that you are receiving the right product for the application, engage with one of our Sales Engineers to discuss your needs and review all of your options to ensure your Scales perform as you need them to.

These high-precision Scales are delicate instruments that must be handled wit extreme care. SWSCALE Technicians service lab balances using Class 1 weights. The weights are handled with gloves or tools because the oils from human hands can alter the weight values of the test weights. In cases where lab balances are serviced in our facility, an isolated surface plate is used to assure Scale stability and eliminate extraneous influences from environmental sources such as HVAC and equipment vibrations.


From 0.2g to 0.01mg resolution

Capacity starting below 125g and ranging up through 330lbs.

Stainless steel platters










Analytical laboratory

Pharmaceutical development

Nutraceutical development

Precision weighing

Moisture analysis

Life sciences

Comparative sampling


Multiple units of measure

Disposable platters

Draft shields

Pipette evaporation traps

Density kits

Dust covers

Antistatic kits





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