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Checkweighers are automated or manual weighing systems that are designed to verify the weight of a product within a preset tolerance range. These weighing systems are utilized in production facilities where volumes of products or goods are being produced. They are specified pieces of equipment that are designed based on the application, objectives, weight range and tolerance, and the operation’s cleaning requirements and applied solvents.

Standalone and In-Motion Checkweighers have an established setpoint, or tolerance that the product being weighed must be held within. When outside the tolerance, a Checkweigher will provide a rejection notification, or in the case of an automated system, a physical rejection from the production flow.

Manual Checkweighers are standalone units where an operator places the item being weighed on the system. The system signals a simple “accept” or “reject” notification. These systems are used in low volume applications.

Automated Checkweighers have an inbound and outbound conveyor that moves products and goods across a weighing platform that is equipped with a conveying mechanism. Upon weighment, the Checkweigher can be equipped with a rejection mechanism that removes the item from the production stream.


Wide range of capacities and resolutions


Easy to operate

Simplified user interface

Data collection










High volume production

Pre packaged goods

Manufactured products

Kitted goods

Assembly inspection


Manual or automated systems available

Various rejection mechanisms

Metal detection for food production operations

Xray inspection

Barcode scanning

Full washdown stainless steel models

Vision inspection

Data capture and distribution







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