Portable Truck Scales: Everything You Need to Know

Sidewinder and Centurion Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are an attractive weighing solution for various industries from mining to construction to farming and more. It is important to fully understand, as discussed in a previous article, that truck axle scales or wheel weighers should not be considered “truck scales” nor are they legal for trade weighing methods. Portable truck scales, such as our Sidewinder and Centurion models are legal for trade and are a top choice for businesses seeking accurate mobile weighing options.

There are some scenarios when the need for a portable truck scale arises suddenly, such as with natural disasters. Demolition and debris removal will be necessary after a major hurricane or wildfire, for example, whereas the convenience of a temporary weighing solution is key for tracking and reporting requirements. The mining industry is another good example, as where the geography of the site changes over time with the need to relocate truck scales to different locations on site. A third example would be in short-term capacity increases resulting in a need to move more products quickly than within normal operating capacity constraints.

Benefits of Portable Truck Scales

  1. Convenience. Portable solutions are fast and easy to install and remove. They are preassembled in modular format, simplifying assembly and calibration and are only constructed as steel deck truck scales, not concrete decks.
  2. Cost. Permanent truck scales can be more expensive, especially with a pit scale with complex foundation requirements and expensive concrete pit construction costs.
  3. Versatility. Portable truck scales can be relocated rather simply if needed.
  4. NTEP approved and legal for trade (when purchased through Southwestern Scale).

Types of Portable Truck Scales

There are two choices when it comes to choosing the type of mobile truck scale. First are self-contained where full disassembly of the truck scale is not required for transport or relocation. The second is non-self-contained in which case the scale and portable framework are separate items, thus requiring more labor and cost in relocation. Southwestern Scale Company Inc offers both scales in both options: The Sidewinder and the Centurion.

Available Features

Southwestern Scale prides itself on offering the latest and greatest in truck scale technologies and provides many options to meet the needs of over 25 industries. Portable truck scale options include:

  • Traffic Lights
  • Remote Displays
  • Custom Truck Scales
  • Lockable Weatherproof Enclosures for Indicator & Printer
  • Unattended Kiosks
  • Lighting and Surge Protection Kits
  • Solar Power
  • Cameras
  • PC Software Adapters for Seamless Scale Transaction Data Management
  • Intercoms

For businesses with aging truck scales that may be failing or start-up operations, we can deploy a portable rental truck scale within days, depending on availability in our rental scale fleet. Portable truck scales can also be configured to permanent scales if needed. The versatility and cost savings alone are powerful reasons to justify investing in a portable scale. The level of knowledge and expertise of Southwestern Scale Company Inc experts is astounding, dating back to 1948. You can be confident our team of experts will deliver the trust and assurance during your portable truck scale experience, from the initial sale to service and beyond.

For questions or more information, contact a scale expert today at scaleinfo@swscale.com or by calling (602) 243-3951.