Mobile Train Weighers


  • High quality steel design
  • Portable train scale
  • Easy to install
  • Single axle system is battery powered
  • Multi axle systems are AC powered
  • Data capture
  • Track by railcar number, job number and operator

Industry Applications

  • Remote loading
  • Workshop or maintenance depot weight and balance
  • Overload monitoring
  • Underload monitoring
  • Temporary railcar weighing
  • Passenger railcar weighing
  • Locomotive weighing


  • Single or multi-axle models
  • Wireless connectivity between scales and controller
Mobile Train Weighers

More About Mobile Train Weighers

The Mobile Train Weigher (MTW) is the single most versatile rail scale available because it allows for rail vehicle and train weighing nearly anywhere. This portable train scale allows you to bring the scale to the train– something most imagined would never be possible. The MTW is mounted between the rails and is supported by lateral force acting against the inner profile of the rail. Once it is securely mounted and in position, a rail vehicle can index onto the MTW. Weighing is executed with the wheel flanges on the scale and the tire of the wheel is lifted off of the railhead by no more than 0.08” (2mm).

The Mobile Train Weigher can be used in motion or in static weighing mode, and is available in single axle and multiple axle configurations. This scale system is used in various applications that include rail vehicle workshop weight and balance analysis, overload verification for remote loading and other operations where a rail scale is not available, and verification weighing for product development purposes.

Watch this video to see more about the Mobile Train Weigher.

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