FORCE Mining Haul Truck Scales


  • Static and weigh in motion (WIM) options available
  • WIM is accurate for speeds up to 7.5 mph
  • 0.05% accuracy rate for static operations
  • 0.5% accuracy rate for WIM operations
  • Up to 1200 ton system capacity*
  • Portable solutions available
  • User friendly controller and GUI

Industry Applications

  • Haulage tracking
  • Haulage monitoring
  • Weight studies
  • Haul truck and shovel calibration


  • Unmanned operation
  • Traffic Lights
  • Remote Displays
  • Lockable Weatherproof Enclosures for Indicator & Printer
  • Computer Systems for Ticketing, Tracking & Inventory Control
  • Unattended kiosks
  • Lightning and surge protection kits
  • Solar power
  • Cameras
  • S1280 PC software adaptor for seamless scale transaction data management
  • RFID
FORCE Mining Haul Truck Scales

More About FORCE Mining Haul Truck Scales

FORCE Mining Haul Truck Scales provide a safe and efficient method of capturing wheel, axle, and overall weights to drive optimized and safe loading, and fleet management strategies, and outlast other types of truck scales.

The Trakblaze FORCE range of portable and fixed mining truck scales are the ultimate in weighing technology for off road heavy haulage applications. Each system is designed to optimize accuracy and efficiency of use, and is built to last! Unlike a standard full deck weighbridge, the FORCE is a portable system made up of a combination of individual weigh pads which measure the load on each wheel of a truck. The modern modular design enables the FORCE to be configured to weigh any make and model of mining truck. Read the white paper to learn more.

Watch a video about the FORCE Mining Haul Truck Scale.


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