Executive Leadership Team

Three diverse, uncensored, unpretentious individuals with equivalent influence that function as one.


Mark Murdza

Chief Business
Development Officer

“If you’re not growing, you’re dying.”



Roger Dumont


“In the game of business, there isn’t a place for ego, dishonesty, or dysfunction when making choices for the organization.”



Kristin Miranda

CFO / Chief Business
Services Officer

“Who cares if what you are doing is different than everyone else?! Sometimes the best path, is the one not constantly traveled.”



Our Motivation (Why):

Lead a mature company loaded with extraordinary talent, rich history, superior reputation, and a culture that is second-to-none. We are driven by the challenges we face and the solutions we develop, ensuring sustainability for generations to come.

Our Philosophy (How):

Developed by our employees, the company Core Values are the foundation of our cultural philosophy. These values are focused on our customers and employees, empowering us with the purpose:

Delivering Confidence With Every Measure.


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