Integrating Modern Technology with Legacy Communication Protocol Infrastructure

Southwestern Scale Co., Inc. has finalized a project that entailed integrating a Rice Lake 920i indicator with a customer’s Modbus Plus legacy communication protocol infrastructure.

The Super Sack filling operation was using an aging and obsolete Mettler Toledo JagExtreme indicator with JagMax application software.  In this case the customer imposed a specific requirement in that the new indicator needed to interface directly with their existing communication protocol infrastructure, Modbus Plus.  Modbus Plus is not supported by most modern indicators being deployed in the weighing industry today.

After extensive research and brainstorming for a low cost solution with minimal failure points, we decided to leverage a gateway adapter that was available.  Being that the Rice Lake 920i did not support Modbus Plus, our Systems Integration Team created a tool to strategically search registers on the adapter to identify the address that possessed the weight value.  Once identified the team configured the gateway to match.

A proof of concept was developed and initial testing was conducted.  With minimal adjustments needed to assure success, this led to the flawless deployment at the customer’s site.  Overcoming this obstacle led to the retrofit of the remainder of their filling stations, upgrading the customers’ controlling hardware to modern and supported hardware platforms.

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