Installation of a Combination Truck/Rail Scale Into an Existing Pit


A prominent company in the minerals sector, operating in Arizona, had a mechanical, concrete deck, combination truck and rail scale that needed to be replaced. The scale was in very poor condition and was beyond repair

  • The deck was deteriorating and could no longer be “temporarily repaired”
  • The mechanical suspension exhibited excessive corrosion, and had recently failed


A replacement combination truck and rail scale from Southwestern Scale.  Based on the scope of work, and our level of experience, the customer chose Southwestern Scale for the job.

  •  Expertise in the scope of work of the project.  We had executed similar jobs in the past.
  • Southwest Scale’s in-house construction crew was available to repair and modify the existing pit
  • Southwest Scale’s fabrication department removed the old scale. Then they proceeded to install, assemble, calibrate and certify the new scale
  • All within the safety guidelines established by the customer’s operations

The customer saved money on the project by choosing Southwestern Scale because:

  • Local fabrication equated to reduced freight costs of the scale to the site
  • Local resource equated to reduced costs for trip charges and travel expenses
  • Southwestern Scale provided a truck scale for use during the construction phase to help maintain operational flow


Removal of scale 3Old Scale Removal Scale Removal 2


Repaired Pit Ready for Scale  Repaired Pit Ready for New Scale


Installation 1Installation of Scale Installation 3

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