Manufacturing Scales

Manufacturing, fabrication and production make up the bulk of American industry, and Arizona has one of the strongest growing economies in the United States. Industrial and manufacturing scales play a key part in operations such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, food & drinks, foundries, metal plating, plastics, chemicals and forestry.

Southwestern Scale offers and services a wide range of industrial scales for manufacturing applications to ensure accuracy in production processes, minimize downtime and improve efficiency. For example, manually counting large quantities of identical parts is time consuming and inefficient, but using counting scales to monitor and track high volumes of like items improves productivity, expedites time to market and reduces the possibility of operator error. Likewise, manually weighing packaged products is also inefficient, but Checkweighers make it possible for customers to automatically weigh products and materials quickly with maximum accuracy.

These are the types of manufacturing scales that we offer. Since we are independent and not tied to a single source supplier, we are able to offer you the proper solution at the right price to give you the best cost of ownership and return on investment.

Manufacturing Scales

Floor Scales

Bench Scales

Truck Scales

Crane Scales

Counting Scales

Tank Scales

High Impact Coil Scales

Forklift Scales


Roll Off Bin Scales


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