Field Service

Field Service

Your scales need to be in good repair and weighing results need to be accurate, precise and repeatable regardless of whether you are using them for commercial transactions, process control, quality control, inventory control, or safety. This is why you should take advantage of scale calibration, preventive maintenance services regularly and scale repair services as needed.

Our scale services include preventive maintenance, scale calibration, certification, scale repair, installation, load testing, and weighing services. We have the largest, and most capable field service team in the Southwest U.S. So, we can help you ensure that your scale systems work properly and operate with precision and accuracy.

Our scale technicians are trained in all makes and models, and deploying a field service team with the largest rolling fleet in the market, leveraging assets of over 150,000 pounds in certified test weights assures you the shortest response time, and highest quality, in the industry.

Our Preventive Maintenance Agreements are not binding contracts. So, we have to earn your business every time we service your scales and weighing equipment. This is why our core values include:

These beliefs were developed by our team for our company and represent our commitment to customer satisfaction.


If you need service, calibration, or repair of your weighing equipment, provide us with your information so we can schedule you immediately.


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