Crane Balancing Scales

Some of the strongest balancing instruments available today are the crane scales. They are also the kind of scales relied upon for the safety aspect. Durability and safety require special attention given the difficult and key functions these crane scales accommodate.

Crane scales typically lift relatively heavy lots, therefor the requirement to keep protection and safety at the top of your priority list when selecting the appropriate scale is so important. Crane scales are capable of being up in the air and facilitating many harmful materials such as molten steel. At times when the load is not harmful, it is still important to heed safety practices as the crane is high up in the air which in itself brings on potentially harmful hazards.

Southwestern Scale Company, Inc. provides you with a wide array of crane scales, each designed with a broad range of capabilities that cater to specific needs. Southwestern Scale offers scales starting from stand-alone units which allow operators to monitor loads, all the way to wireless communication scales that utilize a process control system for data collection.