Choosing the Right Livestock Scale

Purchasing a livestock scale is an investment, so you will need to be certain that you choose the right one for your particular needs.  There are a few different components to think about when choosing a livestock scale.  There’s the indicator, which is where the weight of each animal is displayed as it is weighed.  There are load bars, which will need to be chosen, and then, possibly a platform.  There are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself when deciding on a new livestock weighing system too.

The first question should be how will your cattle be getting weighed?  Do you want your scale installed in a permanent location, like a squeeze chute, or in a temporary location like an alley?  The load bars you will choose will vary based on the chosen installation method being permanent or temporary.  If you choose a portable installation for your scale, you will need to ask yourself what size the platform will need to be for your application.

Next you will need to think about what type of scale indicator you would like to use.  Some indicators can store each animal’s weight along with its id number.  This would eliminate the need to write down each individual weight and id number and could save you valuable time!  After the weights have been taken, the indicator can be plugged into a computer to upload the data into a spreadsheet or a cattle software program to make managing the numbers easier for you.

There are other factors to consider when choosing a new livestock scale.  If you are thinking about purchasing a new one, give Southwestern Scale Company a call at (602) 243-3951 or visit our website by clicking here.

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