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Pit Scale Vs. Above Ground Scale: Choosing Your Truck Scale

A truck scale is a substantial investment for your business so doing your research before coming to a final decision is imperative. Prior to investing.. Read More

Field Service Technician

Since our establishment in 1948, we have been providing top-quality scale and weighing system services for all industrial applications from milligrams.. Read More

Scale Transaction Data

Simplify the way you capture, retain, and analyze your scale transaction data We have released the S1280 scale transaction data management tool for im.. Read More

Our 5th Heavy Capacity Test Truck

Our 5th Heavy Capacity Test Truck is on its way to Arizona!! It will provide a new dimension of versatility and capability that none of the trucks in .. Read More

Negative Fill Legal for Trade

When dispensing material and selling by weight, a legal-for-trade scale provides the means to execute transactions. In this case, the customer wanted .. Read More

Another Successful Belt Scale Installation

Another successful belt scale installation being completed by Southwestern Scale. Belts scales are essential to various operations in monitoring produ.. Read More

The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures

The Arizona Department of Weights and Measures is on pace to increase inspections by 23% in 2017 over 2016. If a scale is out of compliance ADWM will .. Read More

Arizona Monsoon Season Services

It’s monsoon season again Arizona! The word “monsoon” is derived from the word mausin, Arabic for “season” or “wind shift.” It is now us.. Read More