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Regardless of your Scale use, it is imperative they are working properly, and the results must be accurate and repeatedly precise. Whether the Scale used is for commercial transactions, process control, quality control, inventory management or safety, calibration should be considered an investment in preventing further, more serious, and possibly financially devastating outcomes.

Calibration determines the accuracy and quality of measurements recorded. Certain factors such as normal wear and tear or perilous manufacturing environments, for example, result in the accuracy degradation of all measuring devices to some point, over time. Here are a few reasons why calibrating your scales is of utmost importance to your bottom line.

Inventory & Cost Control

Although broadly encompassing, inventory control and thus cost control are critical to any business or organization’s operations and success. Leaving these outcomes in the hands of human error or anachronistic or inadequate systems is walking a thin line of heavy risk and potential devastation on more than one level. When using Counting Scales for inventory management of small parts such as screws, nuts, and washers as an example, an inaccurate Counting Scale can lead to either excess inventory, or no inventory for the completion of product assembly, leading to a loss in productivity.

Process Control

Despite the fact process control is a common practice used in a wide variety of industries, it also enables automation and is energy efficient. All steps surrounding process control ultimately affect the final product so each step, including any weight-based measures, needs to be on target to meet all process control goals. Also, when used properly, process control ensures the third reason expressed here: Safety.


Equipment that is used for in-process manufacturing applications needs to be calibrated through the Scale’s entire working range to assure accurate performance. For example, an improperly calibrated ready-mix batch plant can produce concrete that does not meet specifications and that concrete can lead to premature structural failure and potentially catastrophic outcomes. Avoid the unknown potential costs and risks of not calibrating your equipment which could outweigh the investment of regular calibration. Entrusting your calibration to a professional is equally as important as scheduling the routine maintenance itself. SWSCALE has the experience, knowledge, and capability to deliver. Contact one of our experts today.

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