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As time passes, balances and Scales lose their accuracy. This is the end result of use-related wear and tear, as well as outside influences like dangerous surroundings, which can introduce a more pronounced decline in quality.

It’s for these reasons that Scales undergo routine testing and regularly-planned calibration. Calibrating your Scale is crucial to the success and operation of your business — Gathering precise weighment data is ensured when a Scale has been properly calibrated, and if this critical process is bypassed, your measurements can become inaccurate and speculative at best, thereby negatively impacting your bottom line. 

Here are the top 5 reasons you should calibrate your Scale:

#5 — Improved Life Expectancy

Nothing lasts forever, but your Scale’s life can be greatly extended by ensuring that regular inspections (and subsequent calibrations) are scheduled and made. By doing so, your device will be consistently and properly balanced when enduring high degrees of usage, helping to counter any damage-inducing stress on your device in the short-term (which could manifest into larger problems in the long-term).

#4 — Documented Compliancy

Depending on the legal requirements of your business or industry, there may need to be some form of documented compliance that verifies the condition of your Scale. A Scale calibration provides you with a recorded certification that can be utilized/presented for any type of internal or external auditing process at your operation.

#3 — Data Reliability

By calibrating your Scale, you’re assured that the measurements it takes in are accurate and reliable, no matter which part of the process that calculates the weighment information. Without proper calibration, the data that your device spits out could be wildly inaccurate, and lead to several types of issues down the road.

#2 — Tainted Brand Image

Let’s say your Scale hadn’t been calibrated in a very long time, and the result ended up causing operational downtime between you and one (or more) of your partners or clients. Or worse, you under or oversold them on the value/weight of their products, based on the inaccuracies of your Scale…

You now have a blemish on the image that others have of your company/brand, which could negatively impact your reputation among decision-makers at other, comparable entities, which could be difficult to recover form.

#1 — Cost, Cost, Cost

Although we’ve already strongly eluded to it, it can’t be stressed enough: Calibrating your Scale can save you from one heck of a financial headache.

If you haven’t been ensuring the proper care of your device, it may start providing you with incorrect measurements or cease operation altogether, which would result in unplanned (and costly) downtime to your business. There’s also a degree of financial risk associated with over/underselling certain products by weight.

Additionally, you may end up in a situation where you’d need to pay for unexpected repairs to the device, or the associated costs of replacing it outright.

No matter how you slice it, calibrating your Scale is an investment that could save your bacon (and wallet) down the road.

Yes, We Calibrate Scales!

Now that you know about the importance of calibrating your Scale, we want you to take comfort in the fact that our proficient Field Service team can help perform these types of Scale services.

If you’d like to get your next Scale calibration scheduled, give our sales team a call at 602-243-3951. You can also visit our Scale Services page for more info on the Scale services that we can provide!

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