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A Truck Scale is a substantial investment for your business so doing your research before coming to a final decision is imperative. Prior to investing in your new Truck Scale, you’ll need to consider several aspects first in order to choose the type of truck scale that best fits your specific needs. This list will help get you started:

Types of Truck Scales:

Truck Scales are typically categorized as single deck, or “weighbridge” structures that solely and independently support and suspend the entire vehicle during the weighing process. Scales that weigh only one axle, wheel, or wheelset at a time are not categorized as “Truck Scales”. These are either Axle Scales or Wheel Weighers and should be used for axle and wheel load values only, not gross vehicle weight.

Multi-deck Truck Scales that provide steer axle, drive axle, trailer axle, and total vehicle weight, like those at truck weigh stations, must also be considered if your operation is at risk for having overloaded axle weights.

Truck Scale Installation Type:

Truck Scales can either be pit-mounted, where the deck is level with the ground or on an above-ground foundation. The type of Truck Scale foundation installation is dependent upon the size of your property, traffic patterns, and
the budget for your Truck Scale. Above-ground Truck Scales consume a larger footprint of your property, require more distance to allow for trucks to line up as they approach and depart the Scale, but cost less than Pit Scales. Pit Scales have a smaller footprint because they do not need ramps on either end of the
Scale to approach.

Location of Your Truck Scale:

A multitude of factors must be taken into consideration when deciding on the placement of your Truck Scale. You will need to evaluate traffic pattern flows on the property, traffic volumes, requirements for weighing in and out to capture loaded and unloaded truck weights, power sources, building locations, underground utilities, pedestrian and vehicular safety considerations, and much more.


Site Survey Necessity:

Where on your site is the best spot for a truck scale? Your Truck Scale service provider can help you make the best decision. It is best to consult with a professional first before breaking ground.


Scale Size:

Truck Scales are available in different lengths and widths. Make sure the truck scale you choose is the correct size to accommodate the range of truck lengths you plan to weigh.


Building Permits:

Always consult with your local government for permitting requirements.

Truck Scale Automation:

Operating costs can be reduced with automation systems. Automated systems streamline the weighing cycle, allowing for transactional data to be captured, including pictures or video of the weighment, control traffic signals and patterns, and much more. These systems will provide a return on investment within 12 months or less, providing tremendous value to your operations for a multitude of years. SWSCALE can help customize your Truck Scale features if your weighing requirements are unique to your business.

Maintenance and Care:

Investing in a Truck Scale should automatically result in investing in routine preventative maintenance ensuring your equipment investment’s consistent accuracy and precision. SWSCALE’s Preventative Maintenance Agreements for Truck Scales are not binding contracts, meaning we earn your business every time we service your Scales. If you have further questions on which Truck Scale is best for your business, contact an expert at SWSCALE today. Being vertically-integrated and the only full-service scale company in the Southwest region gives us the knowledge and capability to help with every step of your Truck Scale investment.

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