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In the 2021 calendar year alone, severe weather across the United States caused $145 billion in damage, and many of these hazardous weather events occurred between May and September, when dangerous thunderstorms are frequent across much of the country. In the American southwest, the same time frame (June 15 – September 30) is commonly referred to as “Monsoon Season”, and is a seasonal change that brings a heightened risk of thunderstorms, rainfall, and dust storms to the desert states.

With the increase in these severe weather events, comes an increased risk of your outdoor Scale being subjected to various types of failures. In fact, we’re willing to bet that the $145 billion price tag from last year probably included some damaged Scales. Here’s the good news: If that happens to your device this summer, we can help!

If your Scales are damaged in a storm (or by any other means), contact us immediately. We offer 24-hour emergency maintenance services to help ensure that your business remains operational, even if your Scale suffers a catastrophic failure outside of regular business hours.

We’re proud of our fast, efficient repairs, as well as our maintenance, and re-calibration services for any and all weighment devices, including issues caused by:

• Flash flooding
• Lightning strikes
• Strong winds
• Debris build-up

We also provide inspection services to help give you peace of mind that your Scale is in perfect working order, regardless of what it’s been through.

In addition to our servicing capabilities, we offer a variety of private-label and name-brand products, including our rock solid Sidewinder Truck Scale – the single, most used, and sought-after low-profile Truck Scale across the nation. Product specifications for the Sidewinder Truck Scale can be found here.

Our Service team is available at 602-243-3951, or via the Service Request form on our site.

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