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While we’re proud of our line of “heavy-hitter” products, such as our reliable Truck and Rail Scales, we’re equally proud of the extensive Industrial Scale solutions we offer, including our unrivaled Floor Scale options.

Floor Scales can be one of the most important pieces of equipment that an industrial or commercial operation can possess, as they allow for convenient and voluminous weighment of any inbound or outbound materials. And because Floor Scales are able to be pit-mounted, they can tuck seamlessly into any professional setting. Businesses are increasingly (and rapidly) transporting high quantities of goods into and out of their operations, requiring durable and heavy-capacity Scales for weighment accuracy of crates and pallets.

Here’s where we come in handy:

SWSCALE offers Floor Scale options in several different sizes, colors, and configurations, as well as capacities that are built to withstand up to a whopping 40,000 pounds!

So, what type of Floor Scale arrangement is ideal for you?

While our professional Sales team is always ready to help answer that question (602-243-3951), here are some important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right setup for your operation:


Is your work space short on space, or in a fluid arrangement? A Floor Scale with the ability to move around may be of value. We offer portable and adaptable options with our Floor Scales, including a forklift pocket-based frame, giving you the flexibility to take them where you need to.

Work Environment

Would a Scale be exposed to corrosive materials in your setting? If so, a Floor Scale with the wash-down capabilities would probably be in your interest, giving you the ability to hose-down or otherwise steam-clean your device.

Transaction Recording

Does your operation need weight transaction recording digitally or through paper receipt? In terms of digital recording, we offer the ability to fully integrate your Floor Scale with our powerful SWSCALE Software Suite, for seamless transaction management. We can also enhance your setup with printers for instantaneous, paper-based transactions.


Are you prepared for the long-term? Calculate both the existing AND future needs of your business; What could be an appropriate Floor Scale size for your business today, may be inadequate tomorrow, leading to down-the-road operational hiccups.


Will your Floor Scale require simplified access for forklifts or similar material-handling machinery? If so, we can recommend both a pit-mounted Scale, or an above-ground Scale with ramps. Additionally, our Floor Scales provide diamond-plated steel texturing, ensuring minimal slippage of any items, foot traffic, or machinery on the device.

High-Traffic Area

Does the potential setting for the Floor Scale have a high amount of transport traffic? Sometimes, accidents happen, especially in largely-congested areas. A bump guard may be a worthy investment in a potential Floor Scale order, which will help ensure your device is protected from accidental impact. In fact, we can custom build you a Floor Scale bump guard via our talented in-house Manufacturing team!

The bottom line: We have the tools and experience necessary to provide you and your company with a perfect Floor Scale arrangement, no matter your industry or needs.

Still have questions? Want a deeper dive? Visit our Floor Scales page, then give our Sales professionals a call at 602-243-3951.

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