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It’s no secret that we offer one of the largest portfolios of weighment solutions in the game, and can provide real results to essentially any industry. One of the crucial products in our repertoire is the Belt Scale. These tough-as-nails devices are conveyor belt-based Scales that are built primarily for operations which require rapid measurement of goods that are moving through an automatic, end-to-end system.

Belt Scales are the perfect fit for Aggregate and Recycling services alike, and are advantageous in the following ways:

Streamlined Weighing

With Belt Scales, the material you’re needing to weigh doesn’t need to be removed from one area, brought to a Scale, weighed, and then brought to the next area. Instead, your material can be loaded through its existing conveyor network, and weighed directly during transport.

This integration and approach helps to minimize any unnecessary disruptions to your operation, while streamlining the weighing process of your goods.


Depending on your business, Belt Scales can be a much more convenient option for weighing materials than comparable measurement devices. Unlike other Industrial Scale options, these types of devices can be easily consolidated with your current arrangement.

On the flip side, other devices/setups, such as In-Ground Scales, require additional resources and time to prepare, and provide less flexibility for businesses that have a finite amount of space.


Many of our Scale solutions come chock-full with various features and options, allowing you to tailor a chosen product to your exact needs. Our Belt Scales are no different!

When you purchase a Belt Scale from SWSCALE, you have access to a host of features, including belt width fluidity, data display customization, heavy-duty steel construction, and NTEP-approved Load Cells (for even more accuracy and reliability).

Or you can compliment your system with a series of optional add-ons, such as wireless technology, self-powering capabilities, speed sensor options, and more.


With a Belt Scale, there’s no need to budget for a dedicated operator to help man the weighing system at your job site. With the technology and automation associated with these devices, your labor costs will be lower, and any redundant (and costly) stages are eliminated.

In addition, because we can leverage several types of Belt Scale arrangements, thereby providing you with the flexibility to acquire only what you need, you’re protected from investing in unnecessary features that could drive your budget up!

For more information on our SWSCALE Belt Scales, we urge you to give our Sales Team a call at 602-243-3951, and visit our Belt Scales page for more product-specific information!

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