The word “monsoon” is derived from the word mausin, Arabic for “season” or “wind shift.” It is now used to refer to a meteorological event that the National Weather Service declared in 2008 stretches from June 15 to September 30 throughout the Southwest region of the United States.

Arizona winds usually come from the west, but shift to a southeasterly wind in the summer, most often from the Gulfs of Mexico and California. This shift causes a big change in moisture conditions across the state. Blinding dust storms (known as haboobs), torrential rainfall, and lightning strikes result.

Monsoon season storms – as most Arizonans are all-too-familiar with – often strike suddenly and with violent force. These storms can be damaging! Flash floods, lightning strikes, and strong winds can all damage your weighing equipment. If your Scales are damaged in a monsoon storm, contact Southwestern Scale Company at 602-243-3951.

We are proud to offer fast, efficient repair, maintenance and re-calibration services across the Southwest region. Our highly-trained team of service professionals understand time is money, and are committed to ensuring your equipment is operational again in no time at all. We also provide inspection services.

In addition to servicing, calibration and maintenance of weighing equipment, we sell a wide variety of private label and name brand products including the Sidewinder Truck Scale – the single, most used, and sought after low-profile Truck Scale nationwide. Product specifications for the Sidewinder Truck Scale can be found here.

24-hour emergency maintenance services are available!

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