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Our top-notch Systems team has developed some remarkable improvements to the process in which your Agricultural weighing data can be collected, adjusted, and presented, both for operators and users alike.

These weighing enhancements represent the innovative advances being made through Scale technology, in conjunction with our “outside-the-box” strategies. Your farming data control has never been more flexible:

Tailored Data Management

Weighment data manipulation has never been this simple! Control the selectable options that appear to your Scale’s users, thanks to our easy-to-customize database functionality:

  • Disable or enable Agro products, depending on the season
  • Add new Agro products, or delete old products outright
  • Rename and reorder existing Agro products
  • Add, remove, or rename Agro locations, such as farms/fields
  • Add, remove, or rename pre-populated customers

Not all Agricultural operations are the same, so why shouldn’t YOUR data reflect the needs of YOUR business?

Clean Delivery

The delivery of your Agricultural weighment data is cleaner and more convenient than ever!

Whether it’s a digital or physical output, data collection can be presented with as much (or as little) information as you’d like:

  • Scale transactions can be sent to your operators through a brandable PDF file that includes comments from your Scale users
  • Users of your Scale can be provided with a paper ticket of their transaction for confirmation purposes

You can even arrange for automatic e-mails to be sent for weighing transactions; choose from having all transactions sent to an e-mail address, or set up conditions that allow for different e-mail addresses to receive transactions depending on certain options that a user chooses.

Language Customization

English may be the most spoken language in the World, but that doesn’t mean everyone knows (or is fluent with) it.

We’ve engineered our SWSCALE Software Suite to allow up to FIVE (5) languages to be concurrently programmed into the user interface, giving users the ability to select their preferred language with a single button press.

Making matters easier, we give you the ability to fully control and edit the translations that can be inputted into the interface, ensuring that the language dialect is always correct for your region.

Clear Guidance

No programming experience? No problem! Thanks to our SWSCALE “how-to” guides, customizing your software and data points is a cinch. You’re able to make various types of adjustments on-the-fly, as necessary, without having to set up an appointment (and possibly impact the up-time of your operation).

Of course, if you require assistance beyond our in-depth instructions, the SWSCALE Systems team is always happy to walk you through the ins and outs of your software package, as well as solve any issues you may be experiencing.

For more information on our interfacing and software options, visit the SWSCALE Software Suite page, or give our Sales Team a call at 602-243-3951.

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