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Our talented Systems team recently overhauled the structure and design of our 1280 indicator software for Unattended Weighing Kiosks, as part of the SWSCALE Software Suite. These updates were made to ensure that the user experience was cleaner and richer for operators and customers, as well as to tie everything closely to our company-wide branding.

Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the enhancements that were made to this dependable weighing solution:

Cleaner Data Presentation

A lot of time went into reimagining the user experience, and determining how to best streamline the weighment transaction process for a given customer. Through our strategizing, we made the following adjustments:

• Removed unnecessary steps or screen touches
• Developed visual consistency — If you saw a data point on the right side of the screen early in your transaction, it should still be there near the end of your transaction
• Rebuilt user prompts/buttons to be more pronounced
• Reduced information clutter

In other words, what you’re pressing on the screen and what you’re weighing on the Scale is now much clearer.

Increased Screen Visibility

Looking at a screen in broad daylight (or even direct sunlight) can be an unpleasant experience — You’ll likely wind up doing more squinting than reading and, as a result, could input erroneous steps and/or information into your weighment transaction.

Fortunately, to help quash these types of issues from happening again, we can now install durable, shaded coverings over your device’s touchscreen.

The simplified design of the Shade Aide® allows for the cover to be effortlessly opened or closed in seconds, and the stainless steel build ensures that your screen remains protected from any long-term sunshine exposure.

It’s The Correct Blue!

As part of our efforts to clean up the overall presentation of the user interface, we redesigned the software theming to align with our official company colors and branding. While this change doesn’t necessarily affect the end user (unless they really like the color blue!), it is part of our never-ending mission to ensure that all of our products represent SWSCALE with accuracy, both through quality and overall identity.

We encourage you to visit our SWSCALE Software Suite page, or our Unattended Weighing Kiosk page for more information on these respective offerings from SWSCALE.

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