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Blog: Legal-for-Trade vs. Non-Legal-for-Trade

Two expressions that we often use (and that you’ll commonly hear throughout the Scale universe) are “Legal-for-Trade” and “Non-Legal-for-Trade” Scales. While these phrases sound somewhat similar, the meaning behind them is vastly distinct.

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Blog: All About Portable Truck Scales

Portable Truck Scales are an attractive weighing solution for various industries, from mining, to construction, to farming, and more. It’s important to fully understand, that Truck Axle Scales or Wheel Weighers should not be considered “Truck Scales”, nor are they Legal-for-Trade weighing methods. Portable Truck Scales, such as our Sidewinder and Centurion models are Legal-for-Trade and are a top choice for businesses seeking accurate mobile weighing options.

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Blog: Scales At Weigh Stations

If you’ve ever hit the open road, traveling to areas far and wide, you’ve no doubt seen a few weigh stations (or at least the signs for them). If you have ever wondered what weigh stations are for, and how they work, read on!

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Blog: Why Is Calibration So Important?

Regardless of your Scale use, it is imperative they are working properly, and the results must be accurate and repeatedly precise. Whether the Scale used is for commercial transactions, process control, quality control, inventory management or safety, calibration should be considered an investment in preventing further, more serious, and possibly financially devastating outcomes.

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