What Are the Best Truck Scales to Buy?

When it comes to weighing trucks, close enough, isn’t good enough. Accuracy is key! Equally important is efficiency, durability, and dependability. You want to make sure it is lasts long-term. A truck scale lacking any of these benefits will negatively affect your business and your bottom line. This makes purchasing the right truck scale imperative.

The process of shopping for truck scales includes several factors, including the comparison of different brands, and the contrasting of different specifications and technologies. To help narrow your search, here is a brief overview of what you should know about four of the industry’s best truck scales.

Sidewinder Truck Scale: The Sidewinder is the single, most used, and sought after low-profile truck scale. Constructed with a 24” steel I-beam structure, and safety side curbs, this truck scale is suitable for weighing any truck. The Sidewinder has been proven to outperform, outsell, and outlast all other available truck scales. The Sidewinder comes with a 10-year industry warranty.

Big Bertha Truck Scale: The Big Bertha truck scale from Southwestern Scale Company is designed for accurately, and efficiently weighing vehicles of varying weight capacities. This truck scale is engineered to efficiently weigh loads with gross capacities of 200,000 to 400,000 pounds. The Big Bertha truck scale is best suited for extreme use applications such as: coal, aggregate, steel, and mining.

Centurion-AT Truck Scale: The Centurion-AT is the only scale of its kind. The centurion offers the latest digital technology in a cost-effective package. Utilizing a 3/8” steel or 8” concrete structure, in scales up to 120-inches, this scale is backed by a 5-year industry warranty. The Centurion-AT’s weighbridge can be further equipped with a hot dip galvanized finish for extreme corrosion protection.

Endurance Truck Scale: The Endurance-AT truck scale balances the need for weighbridge strength coupled with superior quality load cells and overall affordability. Available options include sight rails and risers to increase under-scale clearance. With a capacity of 200,000 lbs. the Endurance-AT is best suited for commercial manufacturing, light industrial, and seasonal farming applications.