We specialize in manufacturing high quality, Heavy Capacity Scales at SWSCALE. Being a vertically integrated Industrial Scale Manufacturer, we provide our customers with standard or custom solutions with shorter lead times and lower delivery costs, offering more versatility and higher quality than sources which supply products from off-shore or Eastern U.S. operations.

High quality fabrication and Phoenix, Arizona are the two primary reasons why SWSCALE is an AUTHORIZED MANUFACTURER for Trakblaze Pty Ltd, of Melbourne, Australia and BTEK Scales of Canton, Ohio. For more information on the products and solution we manufacture, follow any of the links below:


Sidewinder, BTEK Centurion, BTEK Hybrid, BTEK Off-Road Truck Scales.


The FORCE series is used for off-road mining trucks which are the most structurally sound scale platforms on the market today. We are authorized manufacturers of Trakblaze’s mining scales and other equipment.










These are built to withstand the rigorous demands of high level impacts, such as in foundries, and for weighing coiled materials. In addition, you can customize your High Impact Coil Scale with Coil Wedges, Sand Boxes, or other features that are dependent on your application and requirements.


Although axle scales are not Legal-for-Trade devices, they can be used to verify Axle Weights, gross weight estimations, and weighing in remote loading operations or where a truck scale is not warranted.


Scales of this magnitude play a critical role in industries and operations that depend logistics by rail. We manufacture Rail Scales to support capacities ranging from 180,000 to 400,000 pounds. We manufacture and deliver certified scales in single and multi-Weighbridge configurations, as well as a line of Non-Certified In-Motion and Static weighing Rail Scale systems.


We manufacture scale accessories such as Catwalk, Railings, Rub Rails, Stairs, and much more. These solutions are developed in accordance with OSHA and MSHA compliance measures.










SWSCALE provides Custom Steel Fabrication services. We manufacture in accordance with customer supplied drawings and specifications. If you have a special requirement we can also provide the engineering design, and upon your approval, fabricate as needed.

We can entertain and bid on custom steel fabrication opportunities due to our extensive steel fabrication capabilities. If you need help manufacturing scales or need a steel structure fabricated and finished, please send your drawings, specifications and inquiry

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