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Phoenix, Arizona (October 19, 2022) — Southwestern Scale Co., Inc. and Palfinger USA, LLC have entered into a definitive agreement that will result in Southwestern Scale’s acquisition of the design and manufacturing rights of the PALFINGER USA Weighing Equipment Vehicles product segment.

Palfinger, USA will exit the Weighing Equipment business and will continue to focus on the sales of PALFINGER’s core products, the best-in-class PALFINGER brand of knuckle boom cranes, material handling cranes, truck mounted forklifts, and PAL Pro Mechanics Bodies and telescopic Service Cranes.

Transition of the Weighing Equipment Vehicles design and manufacturing rights will be on or before the end of 2022. PALFINGER USA will finalize all current and existing equipment orders, concurrently honoring all warranty obligations for equipment sold and delivered prior to the transfer to Southwestern Scale Co., Inc.

Southwestern Scale Co., Inc. will pursue continuation of providing the Weighing Equipment Vehicles product segment to the market. Per Roger Dumont, CEO of Southwestern Scale Co., Inc. “With 75 years in servicing our heavy capacity scale customers, we have adopted the PALFINGER USA Weighing Equipment Vehicles as our de facto standard, due to the proven, best-in-class performance. We have built our growing Field Service fleet on this equipment platform. From our direct experience, the Weighing Equipment Vehicle products provide the lowest cost of ownership, and highest level of performance, uptime, reliability and operational efficiency.”

Kristin Miranda, CFO of Southwestern Scale Co., Inc. added “The PALFINGER Weighing Equipment Vehicle lineup is the industry standard. When we received notice that Palfinger USA, LLC had decided to shift focus away from the Weighing Equipment product segment, we deemed acquisition of the product line as mission critical to Southwestern Scale’s industry excellence and strategic growth plans. Our plan is to leverage this product line for our own business ventures, but to also provide availability of the product line to those that have adopted the Weighing Equipment Vehicles to their service fleets and wish to continue doing so.”

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