Abel Cable Makes Data Management Simple

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Do you want your scale data to be dumped into an excel spreadsheet every time you weigh something?
Ask us about the
Able Cable! This smart cable: 
  • Provides a direct connection between your scale indicator and your PC, MAC, or laptop  
  • Instantly uploads the data to your screen. 
  • Bluetooth option for use with tablets.  
  • Able Cable doesn’t require any driver installation, just connect it and go!  
  • It is powered through the USB port on your device, so it doesn’t need an external power supply.  
  • Allows you to upload the data right out in the field, no waiting to get back to your office.  
Call us today for more information about Able Cable at (623) 243-3951 or visit us on the web at  www.SWSCALE.com.

Bench Scales

Bench Scales

Able Cable
Able Cable
The Able Cable can be used with many different types of scales

Counting Scale


Laboratory Scale

Laboratory Scales
Floor Scale

Livestock Scales

Call us today for more information about the

Able Cable and find out how it can
help make your data management easy
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2535 W. Broadway Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85041
Southwestern Scale Co., Inc.