#1 Truck Scale in Arizona

The SIDEWINDER from Southwestern Scale is the single most widely used truck scale in the state of Arizona. We are proud of this #1 status. But perhaps you are wondering how this has been achieved? Well, there are several factors that create this quality low-profile haul truck scale.  First of all, we give credit to the knowledge gained through experience. With decades in the weighing equipment industry, Southwestern Scale has an engineering & fabrication team that knows how to create a truck scale that produces high levels of customer satisfaction. Our experience has taught us to design a quality piece of weighing equipment while meeting the demands of technologies changes in an ever advancing world.

Secondly, this heavy capacity truck scale has all the features and capabilities needed for long-term performance reliability. We design the best in quality. Furthermore, the rugged & robust design equals a quality product that we are so confident in, we provide a 10 year warranty! The SIDEWINDER truck scale is built to last! To see a visual display of our design quality – check out the SIDEWINDER Foundation Drawing.

Lastly, we understand that you depend on the haul truck scale to be fast & accurate – the SIDEWINDER truck scale will achieve that expectation! Weighing equipment that is dependable & easy to use will be effective for your productivity thus resulting in a greater return on your investment. That’s more profit for the bottom-line…. no wonder the SIDEWINDER truck scale out sells the competition!

View more photos on the SIDEWINDER Brochure – by clicking here

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